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Over the years, Bangladeshis have journeyed to many parts of the world to work as professionals, skilled, semi-skilled and technical workers. Bangladeshi are considered by many as among the most hard working, efficient and loyal workers in the world. As a testament to this, more than 8 million Bangladeshis are spread over the world performing almost all imaginable jobs thus earning the distinction as a global worker.

The distinctive characteristics of Bangladeshis comprise the main reason why they are preferred by many foreign employers. Below are some of the general traits of Bangladeshis that are evident in their working habits:


Bangladeshis generally put passaion into their work. They love to tackle their jobs especially if they feel sucffiently recognized and compnsated for their efforts.


Bangladeshi workers are used to overtime work. It is even a common practice to stay beyond work hours just to finish a task. And some do not do it just for the money but just for the desire to go home with a sense of fulfillment of having accomplished much for the day.



Bangladeshis are well-trained in their respective fields. A lot of Bangladeshi citizens have even gained international acclaim in various fields. They are generally capable of meeting high standards and comply with strict regulations in the performance of their duties.



Bangladeshis are naturally competitive. This trait can be seen in their love for various competitions including sprots, academic excellence and career advancement.

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